Quotes: The Wrath to Come

“even after the military deployed to try to enforce a lockdown, several clerics made videos that went viral in recent days, urging Pakistanis to come back to the mosques to worship.

To avoid mosques on Fridays would only invite God’s wrath at a time when people need his mercy, the clerics warned.”

Zia ur-RehmanMaria Abi-Habib and , here.

2 thoughts on “Quotes: The Wrath to Come

  1. I really don’t know what to say about this. I have so much respect for Islam from countries I have lived in… and yet I really do not know what to say. So I’ll just say that in Canada, my daughter tells me, the churches are shut, so are all the shops, except grocery stores, bottles stores and weed shops. Nobody is complaining much in the small town she is stuck in.


    • Pete, In the USA state and local authorities are making most of the rules, so they vary from place to place, but in general churches are open for prayer and reflection, but services are cancelled.


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