Two Questions for You

With all those Russian troops menacing Ukraine’s eastern border, this morning I’ve changed our header banner to a photo from Kyiv. Just a little solidarity with the brave folks who have twice in the past twenty years taken to their streets to drive that looming Russian Red once and for all from their borders. 

The questions: A reader has asked for a CS&W newsletter. I’m not sure the world needs another newsletter but I’d like to get your thoughts. So the first question(s): Would you like to see a monthly Common Sense and Whiskey newsletter in your inbox? What topics should it cover? And would it be worth a dollar or two a month to you? Please leave a comment or if you’d like to engage a little more personally, send a note to billmurraywriter (at)

Second question: The world is about to wrap up two frustrating years in which trying to get out on the road has ranged from downright frightening to impossible. So why not encourage a little armchair travel by giving a travel book as your holiday gift? I have four suggestions: Out There, Out in the Cold, Visiting Chernobyl and Common Sense and Whiskey. These links go to the US Amazon, but all four books are available from your country’s Amazon too.

Thanks for reading CS&W, and happy holidays.

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