What Happens Next

Helsinki, Finland

Thank you for indulging me as I’ve paused CS&W these past weeks to focus on Russia’s war on Ukraine. I’ve developed a list of about 200 experts across many fields who are deeply involved in covering the war. I think the list is a concise way to get up to date quickly, anytime. Dip into it anytime here on Twitter. I rely on it, and to keep it relevant I delete those who get too strident or wander off message. See if it’s useful for you.

I wrote an article for 3 Quarks Daily that addresses the changes that Vladimir Putin’s war has brought about in Nordic Europe. It’s just below this post in CS&W’s timeline. Please see what you think. Read it here or here.  

I am married to a Finn and I’m a constantly struggling student of the Finnish language (Toivota minulle onnea). I’m eager to be heading to Finland at this moment in time because Putin’s war makes this the most momentous summer in Finland since World War II, and the same is true in Sweden, which hasn’t participated in sustained national combat since the era of Napoleon.

It’s history before our eyes for the Nordics.

Here are two revealing maps. First, the Baltic region Vladimir Putin inherited when Boris Yeltsin appointed him as his successor in 1999. NATO in yellow:

Now, the way things are likely to look by the end of this summer:

I’ll be in Sweden in late May, then in Finland through the summer. Let’s watch Finland and Sweden move to join NATO and then let’s watch Russia react. For these two historically nonaligned countries, and for their Baltic neighbors, it’s epic, historic times. 

Join me, let’s see what happens, and let me know what you think. 

3 thoughts on “What Happens Next

    • You’ve heard the phrase “may you live in interesting times”? It’s usually said to be a Chinese curse, which may or may not be true. In any case, these are interesting times in the Baltic.


  1. Thanks for this, Bill. I’ve been looking forward to your thoughts on the possible inclusion of Finland in NATO and how these recent events have affected you and Mirja. Keep us apprised.


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