Folks, I have some news: Common Sense and Whiskey is moving to Substack.

CS&W started online in 2011 as accompaniment to my books Common Sense and Whiskey (2011), then Visiting Chernobyl (2013), Out in the Cold (2017) and Out There (2021). It began as a blog on Typepad, then moved here to WordPress, and now it will bloom as a new and improved newsletter on Substack. It’s a natural progression. Substack has most of the WordPress utility with some newer features, plus all the trendy buzz.

I’m going to leave all the content here at in place, at least for now, because it comprises a big hunk of my reporting, for at least the past decade, and will thus serve as a handy archive for when you want to quickly look up Sikkim or Botswana, say, or somewhere else.

I’ll be starting on Substack shortly. Generally I’ll post two or three times a week, like this:

Tuesday, a travel essay.

Friday or Saturday, a weekly survey of what happened in the world this week and whatever else caught my eye.

At random from time to time, I’ll post ‘where in the world’ photo quizzes & links to recommended reading.

Just about all of the content on the new Common Sense and Whiskey on Substack will be free. Substack allows you to subscribe though, so if you like what you’re reading, please consider yourself a patron of a good cause by subscribing at five dollars a month, or at whatever level feels right for you. 

I’ll bump links between here and there (between WordPress and Substack) for a while, but please, if you’re with me, point yourself to and bookmark it. I will continue to offer just about everything for free, but you will always be welcome to contribute if you feel that what you’re getting is worthwhile.

As ever, thank you for being with me for all these years. Common Sense and Whiskey isn’t going away. It’s just getting a change of address. CS&W on Substack is a one year experiment. Please join me there. Set a bookmark here:

See you there soon!

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