The Move to Substack…

… and good reasons to come with me.

About 1500 people have subscribed to Common Sense and Whiskey over the past decade, and I thank you all very much. What started out as a run of the mill travel blog has blossomed into much more.

Yes, I write travel stories, but there’s much more than just ‘how I spent my summer vacation.’ On CS&W you’ll find photo quizzes, book reviews, coverage of the most interesting new air routes and more.

Yes, I write stories about politics and events around the world, but there’s much more here than another rehash of today’s partisan political rancor. It’s important for an international traveler to arrive with a well-rounded background about local events, and we cover events around the world right here. I explore how things came to be the way they are, and look at how we can all make things better.

Today I’m asking you to take just a moment to join me at CS&W’s new home on Substack. Free subscriptions are available and it only takes time enough to type your email address into this form. Click through and you’ll see this:

Type in your email address, click subscribe and you’re in! It won’t take a minute.

Subscriptions are free, simple as that. But you also have the option to act as a patron and make a contribution. If you sign up for free, you’ll continue to get the content CS&W has featured here for the last decade. If you sign up for money, I’ll mail you a signed copy of my book Out in the Cold, Adventures in Svalbard, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Canada.

CS&W here on WordPress will go away before long. Please join me at CS&W’s new home on Substack, Thank you!

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