New Posts at Common Sense and Whiskey on Substack

There are several new posts for you to review at Common Sense and Whiskey on Substack. All new content that used to be here has now moved there.

I’ll be taking down this WordPress site before long, but I don’t want to lose the subscribers who have been with me for a long time here on WordPress. Please take a moment now to click this link to my new site and get yourself a new free (or paid) subscription.

As an incentive to come along with me, now through the end of June new subscribers at Common Sense and Whiskey on Substack (including free subscribers), get 50% off the pre-shipping price on everything at

Most weeks the new CS&W works like this: On Tuesday, a travel column. On Friday, some suggested articles for interesting weekend reading, and on Saturday a look back at the past week. This week’s travel article, posted yesterday, recounts a safari In the Zambian Bush.

Please join me. Thanks.

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