New Common Sense and Whiskey Post Now on Substack

These are the last days of Common Sense and Whiskey here on WordPress. Common Sense and Whiskey has moved to Substack. All new content is now published there. I don’t want to lose you when I leave WordPress, so please take just a minute to click here and subscribe (subscriptions start at free) to CS&W on Substack.

This week’s travel column on Common Sense and Whiskey: a visit to Finland and Russia a few summers ago.

Subscribers to the new CS&W get three columns a week: normally, a travel story every Tuesday, weekend reading recommendations on Fridays and a look at the week just past on Saturdays. Plus, all subscriptions, even the free ones, come with 50% off the pre-shipping price on every order from

In the coming days I’ll be moving the web address, so that will link to CS&W on Substack and not WordPress. Please make the move with me today. Thanks for reading Common Sense and Whiskey.

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