Thanks for dropping by and welcome. I’m Bill Murray, obscure travel writer, photographer and author. I contribute a monthly travel column at 3QuarksDaily.

My new book, published in April 2021, is Out There: Thirty Essays on Travel, a collection of columns from 3QD. The book before that, my third, is called Out in the Cold: Adventures in Svalbard, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. Get yourself a copy, and please look into my other two adventure travel books, Common Sense and Whiskey and Visiting Chernobyl.

This site is a companion to EarthPhotos.com, our collection of 20,000+ photos from the 120 countries and territories my wife and I have visited. We’ve been on four round-the-world trips in both directions, with the fourth coming just before Covid, starting with a month is Saigon, finishing at summer’s end in northern Europe.

Here’s where we’ve been as of early 2022. It’s high time to get back out on the road after Covid time. With luck we’ll fill in some of northern South America in spring.

We live in Georgia, USA, and spend parts of every summer in our tiny cabin on Lake Saimaa in Finland.

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Here’s where we’ve been and when.
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22 thoughts on “About

    • Mr. Bill Murray, please NEVER DELETE YOUR TWITTER LIST. Your list on the Ukraine situation has to live forever, even after the war it will remain to be priceless. Its saved a lot of lives already, please do not delete it, unless your life is in danger. Slava Ukraini. Don’t delete your twitter list it’s the best list never delete it.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. It seems you’re doing about the same that I do, but on a larger scale? On my blog you’ll find close to 3000 ‘full screen-pictures’, – all from Norway!
    And more will be coming every week! Perhaps this would be of interest to many of your followers as well? Please enjoy!

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  2. Hi Bill. Wow! You have created an amazing blog with stunning photos and compelling stories. Your story of Kulusuk drew me in; you made me discover a place I overflew many times during my RCAF air navigator career, but never landed there. I also very much enjoyed EarthPhotos: so much to discover… I loved the photos of Canada, my country. I know I’ll spend many hours seeing the world through your lens. I have lots of catching up to do. Seems we have much in common, including an affinity for whiskey. I do subscribe to your approach: smile, common sense, and whiskey can get you through a lot. Thanks for the follow.

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