The Ship-Busting Yards at Chittagong, Bangladesh

Deep in the process of vetting travel spots for two available weeks of Asian travel next summer, I know one place we won't go – the ship breaking yards at Chittagong. We've looked hard at Dhaka and Chittagong. The photos are compelling and I'd love to shoot my own. But with just two scant weeks available and a whole continent out there, maybe it's better not to try to force ourselves into one more place where we're not welcome.

Breakingships On the other hand, some photographers have managed to take pictures there, and I'm glad they did. Michael Reichmann arranged a visit through a friend with an NGO in Dhaka. The resulting article is posted on Luminous Landscape. A blogger named Rich has posted bunches of photos on a blog called Adventure Travel. And 60 Minutes did a story a few years back.

There are dozens of photos from a fellow who calls himself Jimbojack at the bottom of this post on the Digital Grin photography forum. And there's a book, called Breaking Ships, by Roland Buerk.