Just a few photos from Belize. In our first post-pandemic trip we found a good, centered, calm, affable people. Each glad to see the other, no hustle. Like you’d like to run into after a year at home. No Gestapo, no baksheesh, no tension. Just good folks.

New Travel Column Today at 3QD

My monthly travel column went up this morning on 3 Quarks Daily. Read it there for now, and soon I’ll post it here, too.

First Post-Pandemic Destination: Belize

We’ve taken our first flight in fourteen months from our home in Georgia, USA. Much as they might appreciate our business, not a lot of places want Americans right now, and judging from the airport, with cause. Certain of us won’t acquit ourselves well when we arrive.

A return to the airport reminds you that a benefit of largely quarantining inside your own enclosed small space is that you make your own rules. Even as we could hear others around our apartment partying this past year, people whose approach to quarantine apparently involved about twenty close friends, we kept a closed regime. 

The first thing that’s plain in the airport is that some people are just going to be ornery and you just can’t stop them. ATL bustled along fairly close to normal, lots of amenities, shops open and some people, damn them, are clearly just not going to respect distance, with no mask in sight and an undercurrent of belligerence, just as we’ve seen in American politics through the entire pandemic. After a year of only seeing that behavior on TV, it’s disappointing to see it live.

But we thank the welcoming people of Belize for having us. They accepted our vaccination cards and welcomed us with smiles. It’s lovely here. Cheers.