Live Photo Coverage from Near the Farm

Topofbald Photo from USFS Web Cam

We live adjacent to Brasstown Bald mountain, Georgia’s tallest at 4784 feet (1458 meters). There a live stream from a camera on its peak here. Today, 12 September, 2008, when this picture was taken, as you can see clouds tease the top of the Bald. The view is north and you can see Lake Chatuge, and North Carolina beyond. Follow the ridge line in the left of the photo away from the camera until it curves to the left, and we’re over there somewhere not far out of the frame.

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From View From the Wing: Apparently you can use Delta Miles for Free Hair Loss Consultation.

CS&W Milestone

This marks Common Sense and Whiskey’s 100th post. The first came nearly two months ago, on the 24th of May. Thank you for spending some time here. We hope you’ve found – and will continue to find – something useful, informative or pleasing here once in a while. Suggestions are welcome. And please come back.

Flying is Everybody’s Favorite Thing to Hate. Including Airline Employees.

A pep talk for people in the airline industry from flight attendant and author James Wysong helps you realize that airline travel could be worse. It could be your job. Via Tripso.

Trip of a Lifetime?

Let us all be dreadfully weary of the marketing words, "trip of a lifetime."

Suppose you've always dreamed of visiting the Registan. Or Hot Springs. Or, for that matter, of marrying a man named Jose.

No matter how fulfilling your initial experience of making it to Uzbekistan or Arkansas, and no matter how utterly fabulous it was to meet Jose, you still want the next day at the mosque or spa, or with Jose, to be even better.

For me, it's pretty hard to beat a total solar eclipse. Others maybe, it's hard to beat swimming with the dolphins, or even hangin' with ol' Jose. In August, we're going gorilla trekking, and I was just reading how that's the "encounter of a lifetime."

Maybe we ought to try to let every trip be, one way or another, "of a lifetime" – at least until the next one – and if somebody thinks they can sell it to us with those words, we probably ought to book it elsewhere.