Friday Photo #4, Watson’s Bay, Australia


This could be my single favorite HDR. Since the Sydney, Australia area is on Australia’s east coast it catches the sun’s first light each day. Here, waves crash against the rocks across the harbor from downtown, just south of Manly Beach, below the bedroom community of Watson’s Bay. Click it to enlarge.

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What to Read if You’re Shaky on the Hong Kong Protests

If you’re vaguely aware that polite young people have been on the streets of Hong Kong but it’s kind of hard to keep up with events on the other side of the world (and with a big BOO to the local paper‘s strict paywall), read this one article to bring you up to speed at a potentially defining moment in the protests:

TV Face-Off Dramatizes Gulf Between Hong Kong Protesters and Officials

Here’s a quote:

Nick Lee, 24, a cook living in the blue-collar district of Mong Kok, where some of the worst clashes have taken place, said: “[Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying] thinks he cannot give more power to the people, but I should have the power, not him.”

Xi Jinping and his mandarins in Zhongnanhai know all too well that Nick Lee has exactly such power. They must lie awake at night conjuring ever newer ways to keep that precise knowledge from their greater mainland public.