I don’t suppose one needs to live a life of perpetual astonishment. After all it’s adaptive to forget. Our daily grind is perhaps easier to endure in a state of mild amnesia. Muscle memory sets in, routine takes over, and one day seems the same as any other. But days go by, the years hum along, and one can careen towards senility without being unduly startled by anything at all. Surely, there are times when we must be released from our moorings and free ourselves up to notice the peculiarities of everyday life.

Liam Heneghan on travel, at Aeon.co. Photo, the Liffey River, Dublin.

Wednesday HDRs from Dublin and Howth, Ireland

Here are a few processed photos from two weeks ago in Ireland. All these and a few more on in the Ireland Gallery at EarthPhotos.com, where a few more are added every day. Click any of ’em to make ’em bigger.


This is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, downtown. It looks better bigger.


Food counter, Dublin.


Fishmonger at Howth, out on the coast.


The Guinness factory, Dublin.


Sign in a pub, Dublin.


The lighthouse at Howth, on canvas.


Downtown Dublin at night.

Pano in Progress

Still editing this, but I’m liking the initial results of stitching four photos together to arrive at this panorama of the Liffey River at sunset in Dublin, one day last week. It’ll make it to the Ireland gallery on EarthPhotos.com when it’s all clean and pretty. The full-sized version is a little over a meter long:


Update: A larger, revised version is now posted here and here.