Weekend Reading

Here is a selection of fine reading material on which to muse this weekend:

The Fate of Earth by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker
Russia’s House of Shadows by Joshua Yaffa in The New Yorker
A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas by Adam Rutherford in The Atlantic
Here’s What Would Happen If Donald Trump Nuked North Korea by Greg Fish at Rantt.com
Citizens of anywhere by Matthew Valencia at 1843magazine.com
Ça va un peu by Adam Shatz in the London Review of Books, reviewing Congo: The Epic History of a People by David van Reybrouck

No Lancome, No Bulgari, No Perfume at All, Thanks

You know the “Duty Free” moment on international flights, when you have to make eye contact with the flight attendants and shake your head as they come down the aisle with that cart full of stuff nobody much (other than the Bhutanese Royal family) seems to buy? You’d rather not be bothered and they’d rather hang out in the galley and read a magazine.

So, is pushing those clanky carts around the airplane worth it? Delta Air Lines thought not. It pulled its duty free service last summer.

But this video explains how Korean Air guarantees revenue from its A380 Sky Shop duty free service on every flight by, among other things, selling video and still advertising to advertisers:

No Comment

From Yonhap:

The government will review the legitimacy of disciplinary action by the daughter of the Korean Air chairman who forced a flight crew member to deplane, delaying other passengers from departing, an official said Monday.

Cho Hyun-ah, vice president of the national carrier and the eldest daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, ordered a senior flight attendant on a plane heading to Incheon International Airport from New York on Friday to deplane for failing to follow in-flight service procedures, according to the company. Korean Air officials said the attendant had not asked Cho whether she would like a pack of nuts and did not provide the snack on a plate, as required by the service manual.”

Rock Guitarist in a Prom Dress

I don’t know, exactly, it’s just strange. It’s the Rocky Theme performed by Moranbong Band, an all girl group in North Korea whose other work includes “Song of Bellflower Root,” “Song of Red Bean Paste,” “Let’s Meet at the Front Line” and “Drink to Victory” according to the source, an article on The Atlantic’s web site by Robert Foyle Hunwick. It only lasts 2:12. Check it out.