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TpsCheck these guys out: The Photo Society. From their site, "We are a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine, committed to telling the world’s stories through pictures."

Outstanding, quality photography you'd expect, and there's a bit about the "Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists," which includes a link to the Committee to Protect Journalists' creepy "Impunity Index."


Travel Lists & Visited Countries Maps

Much of a perfect spring Sunday morning here on the farm was spent posting a chronological list of our travels to the web site (here's how we did). It's another one of those sites, like Douwe Osinga's Visited Countries project, that allows you to compile a map of your travels. Here's our PassportStamp map, followed by our Douwe Osinga map:


Close enough to the same that I'm wondering why I spent multiple hours on a gorgeous morning painstakingly clerking in every trip all the way back to my first drive to Canada in 1980 (Or maybe it was 1979).

But I know why, really. It was in the spirit of competition. See, you'll be ranked among the other site members, stacked up against the competition, sized up and told where you stand. And our results weren't bad:

105 countries visited, ranking 109th overall. Our most-visited countries are the predictable European ones, and many are because they were transit stops on the way elsewhere. The top ten: Germany 11 visits, Finland 9, Austria & France 8, Thailand 7, Italy, Russia, Switzerland & the UK 6, and China 5.

The trouble is the arbitrary rules.

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Fine Fowl Photography


Two really great sites to recommend for avian photography:

Scream Savers has a just unbelievable shot of a short eared owl heard the photographer's shutter going off and took a look, and Jean-Luc Vaillant's Avian Photography site is tremendous.

Our much more modest offering here. The ostrich pictured here lives in Namibia.

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Panorama Photography

Our friend Andy Hayes' interview with Panorama photographer Willie Kaemena has shown me a terrific site called It hosts, in its words, "thousands of high-resolution, interactive panorama images from around the world." And there's a tutorial on how to get started with panorama photography. It's worth a look.

Andy, incidentally, has been a guest contributor to CS&W, here. He's a writer and photographer based in Edinburgh. His blog is Sharing Experiences.

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