Ten Places of Worship – Wednesday HDRs

Enjoy these HDRs of churches in Ethiopia, Italy, Lithuania, Panama, Cuba, Latvia and on St. Helena Island. Click any of them to make them much bigger. There are almost 400 more HDRs in the HDR Gallery at EarthPhotos.com.

The first two are from St. James Church, the oldest Anglican church in the southern hemisphere, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean:



These next two are from the Riga Cathedral, Riga, Latvia:



Here is the Catedral de la Virgen María de la Concepción Inmaculada de La Habana, Havana, Cuba:


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Churches – Wednesday HDRs

It's gotten to be a little project lately. Anytime we're visiting somewhere new I try to pop into a local church and get enough shots to put together an HDR photo. Since churches aren't places to be big and brash and American, coming in, taking over and spreading out with a tripod, these usually have to be hand held brackets and some are more successful than others. They all seem to require substantial processing.

Here are some from a few of our last trips. Click them all to make them bigger. They're from Havana, Cuba, St. Helena Island, Panama City, Panama and Riga, Latvia.


See them all, along with 380 other HDRs in the HDR Gallery at EarthPhotos.com. And if any of them catches your fancy you can see more photos in the Cuba, St. Helena, Panama and Latvia galleries. All these were shot with Nikon cameras, processed in Photomatix with various Nik plug-ins and finished in Photoshop.


Wednesday HDR: Church in Panama’s Old Town


Churches and cathedrals seem to lend themselves to HDR processing. This is La Iglesia de la Merced, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama. It's from three handheld exposures (-2, 0, +2 ev). combined and tonemapped in Photomatix Pro and finished in CS5. Click it to make it quite a bit bigger.

There are currently 333 other HDR photos in the HDR Gallery at EarthPhotos.com.

Wednesday HDR: Panama Canal Tow Train, in the Rain



These trains guide ships through the Panama Canal. That's a ship's hull behind the train and you can see two cables running between the train and the ship.

Single RAW re-exposed at -2, -1, 0, +1, & +2 EV, tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in Photoshop with a little of Nik Software's Duplex effect in Color Efex Pro.

This is the first photo posted to the new Panama Gallery at EarthPhotos.com, which will fill with more photos over the next couple of weeks. Click the photo to make it much bigger. And see over 300 more HDRs in the EarthPhotos HDR Gallery.

Skyline and Ships HDR


Rainy Day at the Canal


Panama City Skyline at Night


Torrential tropical rain yesterday afternoon had finally wrung itself out by last night. Here's the view from where we're staying in Panama City, Panama. We'll hold off on the larger EarthPhotos.com versions until we get a chance to work on them a little bit more.

Panama City, Panama

Mostly overcast morning so far here in Panama City. The EarthPhotos team (which is the same as the Common Sense and Whiskey team) may not get much done. Maybe tomorrow. We may be forced, instead, to search out authentic Latin American food, and maybe a terrace café along he Amador Causeway.