Photo Safari North

In his work as a landscape and advertising photographer based in Hamburg, Jan Erik Waider tells me he spends up to half of each year on the road, much of it in the Nordic countries. We all benefit from his time investment.

Click through and enjoy Jan Erik’s portfolio. I think it’s beautiful.

Rainy Day Reading

We've been a little scarce here at CS&W as we try to finish up some longer-form writing and get set for a trip to Rapa Nui that's about a month away. More on that as we get closer.

For now, here are ideas of interest from all over, if you're so inclined:

– Not long ago, my pal Rick Lewis moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador. He blogs about it at brokedownpalette.

– Alfred Molon, a Dane, has some 23,000 photos here, from much of the world.

– Albanian Tourism Project Puts Beds in Bunkers, from Der Spiegel.

– Kebabistan, a Eurasianet food blog, is worth a look.

– Update on the state of things in Ukraine, from Salon.

– The Enclaves and Counter-enclaves of Baarle, on the Dutch/Belgian border, from Big Think's Strange Maps.

– And you might have seen that the British have invaded nine out of ten countries, from an upcoming book.

New Photographer Link

I've added Justyna Mielnikiewicz to the category Photographers, with Respect in the sidebar, below right. When you have a few minutes, please go see her work. Her bio says she began her career in Poland before moving to Tbilisi. Our photos of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan don't match the grit, the real, I-live-here feel of hers.


Fine Photo Link

TpsCheck these guys out: The Photo Society. From their site, "We are a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine, committed to telling the world’s stories through pictures."

Outstanding, quality photography you'd expect, and there's a bit about the "Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists," which includes a link to the Committee to Protect Journalists' creepy "Impunity Index."


Accomplished Traveler Inspires Countries-Visited Envy

In his review of Common Sense and Whiskey, the book, editor of Perceptive Travel magazine writes that I'm "one of those 'been to 100 countries' types." I'm not entirely sure in what spirit that was meant, but I take it as high praise.

Of course, whenever you find yourself feeling self-satisfied, it's healthy to be humbled a little bit.

And so I present to you Gordon Kilgore, a fellow Georgian who has traveled to all 50 states, 7 continents, the North Pole, and 181 countries. I mean, Antarctica FOUR TIMES. And he has taken pictures. Enjoy his site, Picture Perfect. I'm putting him in the "Photographers, with Respect" sidebar on the right.