Black Panther Photos, Mission Accomplished

It really just has to be the most exciting thing ever for photographer Will Burrard-Lucas. Big congratulations to him for getting photos of the exceedingly rare black panther at the Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya, sort of between and to the north of Nakuru and Mt. Kenya.

His story and the photos are on his website.

Two Worthwhile Photography Sites

I commend to you two photographers, John Wreford, who spent ten Years in Damascus, four in Istanbul and is now living in Sofia, Bulgaria (See his site here), And Martina Korkmaz, whose site, The Depth of Now, explores Istanbul through storytelling and photography. Ms. Korkmaz interviews Wreford about his time in Damascus, among other topics, and features some of his photography, in this article. Worth your time.

Photographer Recommendation: Nice work from Vietnam

I think Vietnam is a fabulous, fun and utterly exotic travel destination for westerners. From the CS&W archives, here’s a story from a few months back, Driving in Vietnam, about getting around in the Mekong Delta. There are also 445 photos from all over the country in the Vietnam Gallery at

But besides that, I want to share with you some terrific work I’ve found by a 27-year-old photographer named Jean from France. His website is Spend a little time there if you can. He has strong technique, interesting subject matter, and style. The photos that caught my eye are these, in his Hanoi gallery. Good stuff.