Soviet Photoshopping

A fun article about Soviet Photoshopping in the days before Photoshop, from RFERL.

Photography Competition

There are some pretty alien things in this world. Like this mite. It’s part of Nikon’s 2018 Photomicrography Competition. Have a look at the top twenty.

Very Pretty Time Lapse

The Grand Canyon, from the Sky Glow Project on Vimeo:

Pretty Photography

A trailer for a film by Tom Lowe:

Camera Shutter Speed Matches Helicopter Rotor Blades

Camera tricks.

Weather That’s Bigger Than You


As noted two years ago, on 3 July, 2014: For a few years the hurricane season never turned up. A tropical depression far out west of Cape Verde, a storm drenching Guatemala or Cancun in the Gulf basin, but nothing here in America.

This year, as Americans repaired to their Independence Day barbecue grills, a crazy early storm formed off Florida’s east coast. Only North Carolina and its outer banks are evacuated so besides overwrought news TV, most of the country remains sanguine.

Here in our mountains the effects are profound and lovely.

Once in a while there is a hurricane nearby but not close enough to storm on us. Its signal effect is to draw all the moisture out of the air and toward the storm, leaving us, a thousand miles west of the storm, with tree-ruffling breezes and shiny, concentrated, brilliant skies.

Our beautiful mountains.

Trees sway and sweep up with the breeze so patches of the hillside turn pale with the lighter green of the leaves’ undersides. The smile of a moon darts between clouds along with planes too far up in the sky to hear. We watch as they cross in front of us so they can land pointing east in Atlanta, two and a half hours away by road.

If we want to stay outside past dark tonight, Thursday, July 3rd, we’ll need long pants and footwear against the chill. This is why we love our mountains. On July 3rd, way down south in Georgia.

Terrific Historical Photos

My friend Bob has just made me aware of some fabulous 4×5 Kodachrome historical photos on the blog of Pavel Kosenko. Check out the people of the Russian hinterlands. And American World War Two photos. Great stuff. Kudos Pavel.

Nice Photo Essay

… reminding those of us who live far away that Moscow is a real place, with real people doing real things, like shopping for food. It’s called “Moscow Has Perfected Grocery Shopping.”

Friday Photo #30 from Vietnam


Here is an HDR photo of a trader in cabbage, from the famous floating market near Can Tho, south of Saigon in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Click to enlarge it, and see 443 other photos from one of the most photogenic countries in the world in the Vietnam Gallery at Please also enjoy 579 HDR photos in the HDR Gallery, and all the Friday Photos.

Have a good weekend!

Election Day Thirty Years Ago

As someone in the radio business in 1984, I appreciate this photo of ‘s election setup that year. Note the nice typewriter.