Old Warsaw


Warsaw Makes Its Move. Diplomatically.

This press conference got live coverage today in Warsaw and while we couldn’t understand what Prime Minister Donald Tusk was saying as he said it live, I support it. Plain spoken Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski as Catherine Ashton’s replacement in the EU’s top diplomatic job would be dynamite.

Room with a View

Welcome to Warsaw and the Palace of Culture.


Three Quick Photos from Prague

Good morning from Warsaw, just in via overnight train.

Yes, we have hundreds of those ‘beautiful, magical Prague’ photos, like this first one, and we’ll go through and buff and polish them all over the next month or so, but I’m partial to some less mainstream stuff, like these last two. That’s a puppet shop in the middle and at bottom, the crazy ceiling of the Church of St. Nicholas. We’ll save them all here on EarthPhotos.com for now.




Czech Republic, Poland and Germany


CS&W is off on a three city tour next week to Prague, Warsaw and Berlin, to learn what people are saying about the conflict in Ukraine. Watch this space for what we learn.

Wednesday HDRs – Summer 2013

This week, summer travel photos. First, one of those never-ending summer days at the lake by our cabin near Varkaus, Finland. Second is Finland’s third city, Turku, on the Baltic Sea. Next is the old Turku Castle, originally dating from around 1280. Fourth is the Chorin Monastery, or Kloster, originally dating from just about the same time, the late 1200’s, in Brandenburg, Germany, followed by a fat turtle at the nearby, cute little Zoo Eberswalde. The sixth photo is the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, and the last two photos are from the Motlawa River at Gdansk, Poland.

All the photos link to larger versions at EarthPhotos.com. As usual, all of these were tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in various versions of Photoshop with various iterations of Nik software. And thanks for bearing with us during EarthPhotos.com‘s overhaul.









Gdansk, Poland Wednesday HDR


Gdansk, it turns out, was a picturesque place although in July it was packed with visitors, mostly ‘old Germans’ in the words of a waiter. Click the photo to make it bigger. All the photos are going all into one place on EarthPhotos.com first, into this gallery, before copies show up in the various different categories. Tonemapping in Photomatix, finished in Photoshop CS5 with Nik filters. See 499 more HDRs here.

Some strange things may be happening over the next several weeks at EarthPhotos.com. Don’t be surprised and please be gentle, as it’s all leading up to a new look that I hope will be ready to go sometime in August.

Germany, Finland & Poland: A Few New Photos

I’m getting a few new photos up at EarthPhotos.com from our trip to Germany, Finland and Poland earlier this month. In Finland we visited a lake we’ve been to many times, but also Turku, the western port city facing Sweden. My first time there. We only had a few days in Germany, in and around Berlin, not much time for photos. And in Poland we stopped through Gdansk and Sopot. Here’s an early HDR photo I like. It’s the Motlawa River at Gdansk.


All this trip’s photos will gather in this gallery before being added to their respective countries.

About Time to Hit the Road

Starting next week through July 17, we’ll be traveling to Berlin, Germany, Varkaus and Turku, Finland and then Gdansk, Poland.

Betcha I’ll have a few things to say here on CS&W, and photos will go in this new gallery on EarthPhotos.com.

And No One Knows Why

Earthphotos posted one little photo from our 77th country, Poland, this week. We thought we were scanning slides from Belgium, and one slide from Rynek Glowny, the market square in Krakow sneaked in.