Odd Day in Doha

Noteable: looks like rainfall exceeded the yearly average in six hours yesterday:

“According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the suburb of Abu Hamor in the capital Doha, recorded 84mm of rain in less than 6 hours, making it the nation’s wettest October day on record.

The October average rainfall is just 1.1mm and the downpour easily exceeded Qatar’s average annual of 77mm.”

Doha, 30 Years in Two Minutes

Great Big Circle

Flying the Qatar Airways 15+ hour nonstop from Doha to ATL last week took us on a great circle route that would be fascinating to do on the surface, straight up the Caspian Sea, closer to Baku than to the Turkmenistan coast, then east of Grozny, along the edge of the Volga flood plain west of Astrakhan, beyond which it’s not far from the Kazakh border.

Further north we crossed the southwestern Russian agricultural heartland, not far east of the frozen conflict in the Donbass. Then across the Baltics, just south of St. Petersburg and Helsinki, across Norway and over the sea near Bergen, entirely north of Iceland, across the Greenland ice cap north of Tasiilaq, from Baffin Island down west of Cleveland and on in.

We passed over Esfahan and just to the west of Qom and Teheran:


Those of you who have gotten to southwest Iran before us will know this, but judging from this photo there may not be many of you: Southwest Iran looks pretty darned desolate.


Out of the Ordinary

Unusual day in Doha, Qatar this past Monday, 26 December, 2016, with thick fog hovering over the ground all day long. This did not please sun seeking holiday makers from abroad.

The staff down at the beach on the other hand, imported workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan are used to standing out there in 45C weather all day every day. It even gets to 52C (125F) sometimes, one told me. For them the cooler temperatures and deserted waterfront were a different story.

Said one, “It is awesome, sir!”


Flights to Everywhere


Flying from Doha, Qatar airport this morning, with flights to Maputo, Edinburgh and Baghdad, among others. That’s pretty diverse.