Saigon, Monday, 23 December, 2013.




Can’t Find New York, But I’m Pretty Sure Where the Sky Is

American students may be deficient in their knowledge of geography, but here's a project that – chances are – they could do well on.

Happy Eid.

Fifty Photos #37


Men at a mosque in the old city of Fez, Morocco.

Here's a story from our trip to Morocco. See 118 more photos from Morocco in the Morocco Gallery and 250 photos of holy people and places in the Worship Gallery at

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On Ethiopia, and Arrivals in the Third World

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Worshiper at Trinity Church, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

When you fly into a developing country for the first time, you're never quite sure what awaits you on arrival. In Senegal, in the 90's, the touts and schemers started in on us even before Pass Control, which is not only relentless and depressing, but also no way to be introduced to a country. Flying into Quito late at night, on the other hand, it eased my mind just the least bit to find that the good people of Ecuador are, for the most part, much, much smaller than me. We entered Ukraine through the back door, at the port of Odessa, but I've read that Kiev Borispol is such a nightmare of officialdom that you can pay extra to buy your way around the hassle. So, should we have been apprehensive to arrive at Addis Ababa's Bole airport in August? Take a look after the jump.

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