EP – POD. Thank You for Visiting Miss Puke!

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Number one with a bullet, in fact, because it just entered the favorites gallery for the first time last week. Miss Puke Massage Center, in the Siam Square section of Bangkok, is one of those unfortunate "lost in translation" kind of places, and we just imagine these fine, smiling young ladies must be mystified by the steady stream of amused photographers.


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Burn the Spring Chicken


You've probably seen sites with funny translations into English. John Rahoi's May I Take Your Order  is particularly entertaining. While shopping for future travel destinations, we found a site urging a trip to Namibia, which offers  "a wide range of gut-curdling activities." It tells us that Swakopmund "generally enjoys grit in the oyster," and explains, "Swakopmund feels overwhelmingly Teutonic – indeed, it has Germany…."

You ready to head out?

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