Fabulous Destinations When Money Doesn’t Matter #10

Survey after survey ranks Singapore Airlines at the top, and no wonder. These are photos from the airline's web site of the suites aboard Singapore's A-380s.

Suites_seat_hero Suites_seat_img1

Checking on a suite on a random Sydney to London Heathrow roundtrip, departing SYD on 1 January and returning two weeks later, the price came back at AUD$16353.16. That's AUD$32706.32 for the two of you, or USD$31323.48, according to the currency converter in the column on the right.

But now the big news: Now, instead of spending more than the gross national per caita income of all but five countries in the world, you can cash in some of your frequent flyer miles for those suites. How many miles for a a couple of suites, SYD-LHR-SYD? According to this flyertalk thread, just 6,200,200.

Get yours today.


Two new HDR Photos in “Full HDR.”

It's been a lot of fun experimenting with High Dynamic Range photography over the past year, learning when
photos benefit most from retaining a realistic look and when it's more
fun to go "full HDR." Here are two examples of the latter:


 Ladies in a raft, Hoi An, Vietnam.


The Singapore Skyline.

See the whole HDR Gallery at EarthPhotos.com. Next, we'll look at a couple of much more realistic HDRs from Australia.