New Camera Technology News


The Lytro “focus later” camera we first spotted back in June is now in production. I clicked the “buy” button and learned delivery is expected in March or April. Not just in time for Christmas.

I’m a little more skeptical after reading this piece about the science behind the camera, and after seeing the thing. They may be marketing it as revolutionary (“the only camera that captures life in living pictures”), but they’ve designed it to look like a silly little throw-away mass consumer item – albeit one that starts at $400.

Still, I’m in. I wish them well and we’ll see.


Then there’s this, the throwable panoramic ball camera. Ever want to see what’s behind you without having to bother turning around? Okay, that’s flip, if you’ll pardon the pun. Actually, the thing’s kind of neat:

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare £125?

Readers of the Financial Times Weekend will be familiar with Tyler Brûlé, the peripatetic columnist who flies internationally like a fiend, and who wants you to know that he'd fly in better-than-first-class if only it were available.

He publishes a magazine called Monocle, available for a £75 annual subscription (which is $114.43 today according to the handy currency converter on the right of this page). It would be nice if you could help Mr. Brûlé with his next international airline ticket by dropping by the Monocle online shop. Perhaps you could buy a tiny bag of wood, which is currently priced at $190. 

(Thanks to The Smart Set's article, Printing Money.)