Naked Justice

A policeman in Sweden seized a fugitive on Friday while both were naked in a sauna, after stumbling upon him by chance.

“… they both recognised each other in the sauna,” Christoffer Bohman, deputy police chief in the Stockholm district of Rinkeby, told Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT.

“It’s easier to take action when you have your colleagues with you, and all your tools and equipment,” Mr Bohman said.”

And, you’d imagine, your clothes.

Swedish Muddle

A great graphic from Bloomberg (click the graphic for a larger view and the article) showing the intractable, uncoalitionable mess in the Swedish parliament, as another try at coalition building failed today. The country has had a caretaker government since September elections. Here’s what happened today.


More Sweden photos here at

Exploring Nordic Lake Pays Off

Fun story here: Exploring the shore around her family’s summer cabin turned out worthwhile for a young girl in Sweden. reports “Eight-year-old Swedish-American girl pulls pre-Viking era sword from lake.”

Very cute. Museum staff asked the girl to keep the find a secret at first so they could search for more artifacts. She “confirmed to The Local that the only person she told was her best friend, who she really trusts. Thursday was the first day she could reveal her story to her classmates, and her teacher threw a party to celebrate, handing out ice creams and showing Saga’s TV and radio interviews to the class.”

No Apocalypse Yet in Sweden

Agree with Anne Applebaum’s thinking in Sweden’s election once again undercuts the populist myth of the racial apocalypse. Everybody made the Sweden Democrats really, really scary for international consumption, but after all they increased their vote share to 17.6%, less than half of either of the existing alliances. Days are getting shorter across Scandinavia, but the sky has yet to fall.


Sweden Swelters, Shrinks

Sweden’s highest peak, a glacier on the southern tip of the Kebnekaise mountain, is melting due to record hot Arctic temperatures and is no longer the nation’s tallest point, scientists said on Wednesday.

Sweden’s two highest points are a mountain with two peaks, one covered by a glacier, the other free of ice.

Last year, according to this story in English and this one in Swedish, the altitude difference between the two peaks was two meters.

Quotes: At the New Year

Swedish author Henning Mankell’s settling of accounts, a book called Quicksand, was his written reckoning with a cancer diagnosis. He ranged widely, and lamented that not many of us are remembered for long. His example:

Construction of the Great Wall lasted 1800 years.

“If you think of the work being handed down from father to son that means there were over sixty generations who never saw the end of the work they and their forefathers had been engaged on.”

This makes me less apt to stand in an overnight queue for iPhone version

Cheers, and may 2018 treat us all well.

Travel Links

A few interesting links today:

On North Korea:

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Fine headlines:

97-year-old butter found at Robert Scott's Antarctic base

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Sweden: Sort of Like an Ax in the Head


Mentioned Sweden on Common Sense and Whiskey the other day. Here's an article from last month called When Sweden Rules the World, which might be worth your time.

It calls this Baltic-Scandinavian-Nordic land

"… this anomalous, oblong nation of 9 million, wedged as comfortably as an axe into Europe’s forehead."

But it's a really positive look at the Swedish character. Really.

Photo is the harbor and Strandvagen, downtown Stockholm, from

Cockpit Seats Must Be More Comfy than in Coach

And speaking of Sweden (day before yesterday), "The captain of an SAS plane flying between Copenhagen and Stockholm fell asleep last week, as the first officer was using the lavatory." The captain "claims to have only gotten four hours of sleep the night before, and it was his fourth flight of the day."

But still, come on, flights only take an hour and ten minutes.


Don’t Like Your Name? Change it.


It seems Swedes are.

"… an immigrant family requested permission to be called Mohammedsson. 'Permission was granted'.

For more photos like the one above, from Stockholm, see the Sweden Gallery at