More Funny, Strange or Indecipherable Signs from All Over

signs1You can say that again. At a flea market in Moscow, Russia.

signs2Perhaps this makes sense to the egoist himself. Over a doorway in Sydney, Australia.

signs3All the important places. Restaurant in Helsinki, Finland.

signs4He’s got ’em all. On the road outside Lilongwe, Malawi.

signs5Instructions on how to summon the Erakor Island ferry. Just kilem the gong. Near Port Vila, Vanuatu.

signs6It figures Fairyland would be a long way from wherever you are. Turns out it’s on St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean.

signs7I have no idea. Storefront in Yerevan, Armenia.

signs8Open curtains as navigational hazard. Sign in the owner’s cabin on the MV Ilala, Lake Malawi.

signs9Enough said. Sign in restaurant, Gangtok, Sikkim, India.

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Ten Funny, Sad, Strange Signs from All Over

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sign1The venerable Miss Puke was still massaging away last time we checked, in December.


sign2We wouldn’t think of charging you for taking your stuff. Sign in Hanoi, Vietnam.


sign3Don’t know what it says, but with an exclamation mark, it looks like they mean it. This is from Illiminaq, Greenland.


sign4Ad man working the account in Rangoon, Burma.


sign5Some things translate better than others, apparently. From Hainan Island, China.


sign6It takes all kinds. Sign in a village on the road from Kampala to the Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda.


sign10Graffiti and bullet holes in Sarajevo, June, 2003.


sign7Click it to make it bigger and check out the first item. Vegetarian aborigines! Menu in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.


sign8Facade of the National Drama Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.


sign9Back of the driver’s seat in a cab in Hong Kong.


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Rock Guitarist in a Prom Dress

I don’t know, exactly, it’s just strange. It’s the Rocky Theme performed by Moranbong Band, an all girl group in North Korea whose other work includes “Song of Bellflower Root,” “Song of Red Bean Paste,” “Let’s Meet at the Front Line” and “Drink to Victory” according to the source, an article on The Atlantic’s web site by Robert Foyle Hunwick. It only lasts 2:12. Check it out.

No Comment. Or Rather, Hard to Comment.

From a post called 50 Hard-to-Explain Photos at The Online Photographer.

Any similarity to the previous post is purely coincidental.

Things May Not Be as They Appear

We'll have to wait for a while yet. Lots of 'known unknowns' surround this North Korea story. We don't know what kind of "journalism" the two released prisoners were engaged in. Some content on Current TV, their employer, isn't by "journalists" at all. It's short features by interested amateurs. The Current TV web site encourages viewers to contribute their own videos.

On the other hand, were they really even in North Korea at all? Peter Hessler, in a 2000 article for the New Yorker, suggested a plausible scenario for their capture. He wrote, "I
got to know a couple of the local boat pilots, and several times a day
they'd drive me along the banks of North Korea" on the Yalu River. North Korea has a well established history of kidnapping and the two women were said to have been "stopped by border guards."

Hard to know what really happened. Unfortunate inadvertent tourism, maybe.

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Taj Mahal in Bangladesh? Comment? No Comment.

Picture 224fdvkh

Left: View from your room at the Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India. There's a view of the Taj Mahal from every room. A reservation inquiry for next month turned up rates starting at $534.01 per night. But wait: There may be an alternative.

Right: An exact replica of the Taj Mahal under construction in Sonargaon, about an hour outside Dhaka,  Bangladesh, under the auspices of Ahsanullah Moni, a Bangladeshi film maker. Moni says this on the web site Personal Development for Idiots: “I am doing this only for the poor. They cannot travel. They cannot see
this historical wonder. I also hope the landmark construction can
attract more tourists from home and abroad.”

(Left photo from the Oberoi web site, right photo from

Comment? No Comment.

Hospitalis_385 "New Hospital-Themed Restaurant in Latvia Has Diners Checking In for Treatment."

Photo from Jaunted.

Stand Proud, America, with Liberty and Justice for All


Paper shampoo, to appease the TSA gods, via Jaunted.

Orwellian Advertising Award

"Six Major Airlines Announce Plans to Launch Exciting Free Service to Enhance Passenger Experience"

Gee, swell. What do you think, maybe a complimentary massage at the gate? High thread count Scandinavian blankets? A brand new, neatly folded New York Times at every seat?

Ah, no.

The headline comes from a company called Sojern. They’re the ones selling ads on your boarding pass.

Feel enhanced?