Photo a Day, Vietnam, Day 15

A photo a day from Vietnam ahead of a month in Saigon. Here, the Continental Hotel. Graham Greene spent an extended stay here, and the Continental featured in his The Quiet American. It was also the location of the Time and Newsweek bureaux during the war, and our home on our first trip to Vietnam twenty-some years ago.

That’s the 19th century French-built Notre Dame Cathedral lit up on the horizon, above, seen in a different view here:

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Photo a Day, Vietnam, Day 11

The most recent census of Ho Ch Minh city was performed in 2009, making it difficult to know the current population. Best guess, about eight and a half million people, most of whom, at any given time, are on the road.

A photo a day from Vietnam for the next couple of weeks as we as we get set to spend a month there. These daily photos are collected here, on