Climate Science Can Be Pretty, Too

Click the graphic for a splashy, sciency, substantial report with graphics and embedded video from Reuters:

Greenland is entirely gorgeous. I devoted a section on the island in Out in the Cold. Read an excerpt here. See some photos here at Like this one:

And a book to recommend: Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North by Mark C. Serreze. Just started it the other day. Readable and engaging so far. Here’s a favorable review at NYRB.

The Humanity!

You may remember that the early internet brought the cost of voice communication dramatically down, and fast. For some years American consumers grumbled that “customer service,” having been sent to cheaper offshore call centers, became incomprehensible and ineffectual.

A backlash brought a lot of that work back onshore, but I’m afraid call center calls with my fellow Americans, while now more comprehensible, remain ineffectual.

Employees MUST use the script they suit up with when they come in to work. MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST! No deviating into humanity. No exceptions.

I called the air conditioning repair people after business hours and a live voice answered. I told it, “Oh hi, I was just thinking what I would tell the machine.” This plunged the live voice into stunned silence.

Spontaneous remarks had not been addressed on her script.

Pause, and a time wobble.

“Your address?”

Really Very Sorry About All This

Oh my.

Prominent Tory ministers, a silver-haired cypher and a blustering Trumpy buffoon, resign to tilt at Brexit windmills. Government, as ever, in peril. Stay tuned on this.

Football team eliminated by team from second smallest country ever to contest World Cup final match.

Could things possibly get worse?


from The Guardian


Nice try. Cudda Wudda Shudda.

Thank You

The machine says CS&W has 993 followers. In a good week, maybe two or three, a thousand people may be reading what this modest, self-published author has to say. I just want to thank you all so much for spending some of your time here. I hope you’ll stay with me.

Quotes: Small is Really Small

No surprise to me I’m mostly empty space.

“… if an atom were the size of Fenway Park, the home stadium of the Red Sox in Boston, its dense central nucleus would be the size of a mustard seed, with the electrons gracefully orbiting in the outer bleachers. In fact, almost the entire volume of an atom, considerably more than 99 percent, is empty space, except for the haze of nearly weightless electrons. Since we and everything else are made of atoms, we are mostly empty space.”

Alan Lightman, here. Complimented by the completely genius Natalie Wolchover’s article Why the Tiny Weight of Empty Space Is Such a Huge Mystery.