Quotes: Rocket-Propelled Dutch Politician

36-year-old Thierry Baudet is the latest shiny new thing in Dutch poliics.

His Forum for Democracy party, started only in 2016, scored an unpredicted, and some would say, troubling success in Dutch elections last weekend and will have the most seats in the upper house of parliament.

“I am ideologically against the EU, against the internal market, against the open borders, against the euro, against the whole thing,” Baudet says.

“Bert Wagendorp, a columnist for De Volkskrant newspaper, placed Baudet firmly in a political tradition started by Pim Fortuyn, who was assassinated 17 years ago.

“Baudet is the third stage of the Dutch populist rocket launched by Pim Fortuyn in 2002, further boosted by Geert Wilders and now being sent to the moon by Baudet,” he wrote.”

From The naked populist: Thierry Baudet stuns the Netherlands.

(2018 photo by DWDD via Wikimedia Commons.)

Saunas on wheels1 / Saunas sobre ruedas1 / Saunas sur roues1 / Saunas com rodas1

Saunas on wheels in Finland, via Sartenada’s blog.

Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

Holy smoke – Gathering of mobile Saunas. Part1.

Can You imagine that there exist Saunas on wheels? Can You imagine that they meet every summer? I guess that nobody. Since 2005 in Teuva there has been organized mobile Sauna gathering. In 2016 they were cancelled. When You see my photos, You might say in Your mind that ‘they are crazy those Finns’. Imagination has been free when planning and building mobile Saunas. Delightful is that the idea had spread abroad, which was touchable, because there were also Saunas, from Poland, Italy and Germany. My post is in two parts.

Many Saunas were warmed up, because smoke was coming from chimneys and afternoon there were possibility to have a Sauna in them.

Teuva – where? Nearby the western coast in south Ostrobothnia. Distance from Helsinki is 381 km / 267 mi and from Oulu 404 km / 251 mi…

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Tying yourself up in knots – how not to run a country.

Love this piece on Brexit from the blog myusuf2016 and I’m happy to reblog it here so you can consider it, too.


On Wednesday the cabinet agreed a pathway to Brexit.  After five hours of talking.  I don’t know about you but I’d go crazy in a five hour meeting and would probably agree anything just to get out of the room.  And it was a majority decision.  In other words some in the cabinet disagreed with the proposals contained in the 500 plus page document.  How did we get to this stage?

We have to go back to the referendum campaign where all sorts of wild promises were made.  I know lies were told on both sides.  But in politics no one remembers what the losers said.  Once the vote is counted people look to the victors to deliver on their promises.  Amongst the promises made were that you could leave the EU, stay in the single market and end free movement of people across the borders.  Boris Johnson in an…

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Time to Do Democracy

By now everything that needs to be said has been said, every pundit’s point has been made, everybody is repeating themselves, and it’s time to get on to election day.

The New York Times has made and remade this point until it’s tiresome:

We get that. We get that the Times, the Washington Post, CNN, me, and a ton of people like me, want President Trump’s rank divisiveness to backfire and suburban voters, among others, to go on out there and fix this. I have early-voted. Now how about those suburbans? Will they or won’t they?

By election day in four days time, the president, vice president, former president and Oprah Winfrey will have been through my home state of Georgia to put their stamps on our Governor’s race. Georgia represents 3.2% of the United States’ population. Should we be honored or frightened?

We’ll get back to our usual focus here on CS&W soon enough. I’ll have a travel column in 3 Quarks Daily soon about the largest wildlife migration in the world, the wildebeests in Kenya’s Masaai Mara, and I’ll share it here the next day. But there’s no need to pretend. This weekend our country feels poised on a precipice. If the Trump administration retains control of both houses of Congress next week, I fear for the shape of the country by the time of the next presidential election.

You’re not undecided. No one is. You know what you think. Go vote. Let’s see what happens.

Fingers crossed.