“Shampooing can I do and water-waving can I do, and marcelling can I do, and oil massage can I do, and hair-dyeing can I do, but keep from mixing up Göring’s and Goebbel’s birthday, that I can not do.”


• A hairdresser in distress over losing her hairdressing license in Hitler’s Germany in Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.

Legacy Material

“Legacy” is just ad talk for “old,” pretty much.

This morning I spent a bit of time visiting with my legacy self. Up until June of 2013 the Common Sense and Whiskey blog was hosted at typepad.com. It looks like most of the content is still there.

It brings back memories. We were up to our usual shenanigans, skirting around dicey travel locations without getting too close. In fact, the old CS&W has just inspired a new post about the Balkans, coming soon.

For now, have a look at some legacy posts for yourself.

Brief History of the Acadians

Many will know that the Acadians begat the Cajuns of bayou country, with the name evolving something like

Acadian —> Cadian —> Cajun,

but put me on the list of those who didn’t know a thing about Acadian food. I can’t say I even knew it was a thing. Until now. Can anyone speak to whether rappie pie really tastes like congee? I’m skeptical.

A Brief History of Acadians in Nova Scotia (and their food) as told by Simon Thibault from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Quotes: Happy, Content Holidays

I believe I know the only cure, which is to make one’s center of life inside of one’s self, not selfishly or excludingly, but with a kind of unassailable serenity – to decorate one’s inner house so richly that one is content there, glad to welcome anyone who wants to come and stay, but happy all the same when one is inevitably alone.

  • Edith Wharton