Fabulous Destinations When Money Doesn’t Matter #6

Shower This time it's the fabulous trip, not the destination. Emirates Airlines offers first class passengers on its A380s a "shower spa," reservable for thirty minutes per passenger, which includes five minutes of water for your shower while in flight. It comes complete with a gauge of how much water you have left.

Check out a trip report posted this month on FlyerTalk, which has lots of photos. Here's the entire FlyerTalk thread.

A search for a round trip fare in a first class private suite on an Emirates A-380 with access to the shower spa on the Dubai to London Heathrow route next month turned up a modest fare of $8779 per person.

Photo is a screen grab from the Emirates web site. Watch two short videos featuring the shower spa on the Emirates site.

(See the other Fabulous Destinations, and see photos of Dubai in the U.A.E. Gallery at EarthPhotos.com.)

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