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This guy lives in the Munich zoo. He’s from my other web site,, where there are some 20,000 photos from over 100 countries. Check it out.

Here are the four most viewed photos there, as of today:

Tree climbing lion, Ishasha, Uganda

Vegetable market alongside the huge fish market in Hoi An, Vietnam

Balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey

And here, masters of the(ir) universe, in an office block along Oxford Street, London at quitting time

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Friday Photo #32, Vietnam Hill Tribe Girls


These girls were selling soft drinks alongside a bumpy detour around road construction on the road between Lao Cai and Sa Pa, in the extreme north of Vietnam. It’s an outstanding and colorful trip. You can take the night train up from Hanoi, very romantic, then after a visit to Sa Pa, connect to the Chinese border town of Hekou and continue on into Yunnan Province. All very exotic and worthwhile.

There are 443 more photos in the Vietnam Gallery at And see all the Friday Photos.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Friday Photo #30 from Vietnam


Here is an HDR photo of a trader in cabbage, from the famous floating market near Can Tho, south of Saigon in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Click to enlarge it, and see 443 other photos from one of the most photogenic countries in the world in the Vietnam Gallery at Please also enjoy 579 HDR photos in the HDR Gallery, and all the Friday Photos.

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Playing in Traffic. Friday Photo #25, Saigon


Photography is not for the faint of heart. Don’t try this at home. Or at least without a bellyful of good Vietnamese beer. Saigon. At night. In the holiday season. On a crosswalk.

Click photo to enlarge. Vietnam is a completely enchanting, engrossing and picturesque land. Have a look at 442 other photos from all over the country in the Vietnam Gallery at And see all the Friday Photos.

Friday Photo #3, Hoi An, Vietnam


There’s a bustling vegetable market adjacent to the dawn fish market in Hoi An, Vietnam. Hoi An is a beach resort near Da Nang and the imperial capital of Hue in central Vietnam. Click this to enlarge it, and enjoy 442 other photos in the Vietnam Gallery at