Weekend Reading

By the time this post goes up I’ll have pulled back from the internet in part for some longer form reading, but mostly for sausage grilling, beer drinking, bonfire-making and swimming in Lake Saima in Southern Savonia, Finland. Meanwhile, I leave you with a few intelligent articles to enjoy:

Down on the border. One day on the Canada-U.S. line by Jason Markusoff, Nancy Macdonald, Aaron Hutchins and Meagan Campbell in Maclean’s.
Turkey’s Hidden Past by Christopher de Bellaigue in the New York Review of Books
Russians in Estonia by Cody L. Zilhaver at thestretegybridge.org
The Time of Our Lives by Raymond Tallis at thenewatlantis.com
Now to Stride into the Sunlight by Ian Jack in the London Review of Books

All week I’ve been staring at a stack of too many books to fit in my bag. Two or three of these will make the final cut:

Bears in the Streets: Three Journeys across a Changing Russia by Lisa Dickey
The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Riding the Iron Curtain by Tim Moore
Congo: The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybrouck
Last Hope Island: Britain, Occupied Europe, and the Brotherhood That Helped Turn the Tide of War by Lynne Olson
Lenin on the Train by Catherine Merridale

and as for page turners, at least one of:

The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth
The second book in the Faroe Islands trilogy, The Killing Bay by Chris Ould
The Unseen by Roy Jacobsen
The Good People by Hannah Kent, imported in advance all the way from Australia

Do you have any suggestions? What must-read am I missing?

If you’re stuck where it’s hot, may I suggest for your summer reading the cooling goodness of my own book, Out in the Cold?

CS&W the blog will probably be mostly quiet for the next couple of weeks. For now, kippis!

Weekend Reading

Possible poolside reading for your weekend:
How Eclipse Chasers Are Putting a Small Kentucky Town on the Map by Lucas Reilly at Mental Floss
The G20 in an Unjust World by Alexander Jung at Spiegel
Racing the Storm: The Story of the Mobile Bay Sailing Disaster by Matthew Teague at Smithsonian
The man who went on a hike – and never stopped walking by Robert Moor in The Guardian
Monocle’s View From Nowhere by Kyle Chayka in The New Republic

Weekend Reading

It’s a long weekend for many here in the USA, so here’s a whole batch of articles to take with you to the pool.

The Lunar Sea by Ferris Jabr in Hakai Magazine
The Rise of the Thought Leader by David Sessions in the New Republic
The New Working Class by Gabriel Winant in Dissent
Amazon Robots Poised to Revamp How Whole Foods Runs Warehouses by Spencer Soper at Bloomberg.com
The deal that’s destroying Russia’s roads at meduza.io
Trump and the Trumpists by Wolfgang Streeck at inference-review.com
When Pedestrians Ruled the Streets by Clive Thompson at Smithsonian
Paying a Price for 8 Days of Flying in America by Sarah Lyall in the New York Times

Weekend Reading

Here are a few thoughtful articles for your consideration this weekend, along with this lovely landscape from Watson’s Bay, in New South Wales. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Now, on to the smart stuff:

Making the Subarctic Bloom by Cody Punter at The Walrus.
Generation Putin by Natalia Zorkaya at Eurozine.com
The Search for Intelligent Life by Justin E. H. Smith at Berfrois
The Norwegian who knew his tortoises so well that he changed the course of history at nypesuppe.blogspot.com
The Time of Our Lives by Raymond Tallis at thenewatlantis.com

Weekend Reading

Relax with some interesting reading this weekend:

Life Under the Volcano by John Dennehy at Roads and Kingdoms
Long Way Home by Ryan Bradley at vqronline.org
On Time by Richard Dawkins at penguin.co.uk
How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned at popularmechanics.com
Dividing Droplets Could Explain Life’s Origin by Natalie Wolchover at quantamagazine.com
Gentrification, Post-Soviet Style by Jeffrey Tayler at TheAtlantic.com