You Just Know This Ain’t Gonna Work

Mugabe+++Tsvangirai+Handshake+at+Signing+of+AgreementZimbabwe is a lovely country with formerly happy, smiling people and spectacular resources, as we have written.

We'll return as soon as  tourism can resume without the taint of supporting the Mugabe regime. In fact, we're anxious to take the opulent Rovos Rail train from Pretoria up to Mosi-oa-Tunya.

But for now,
"Its official, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is sleeping with the devil."

– That quote from Living Zimbabwe, which also talks about the police kidnapping of Roy Bennett, the Treasurer of Tsvangirai's political party after assurances by Tsvangirai that he'd be okay if he returned to the country. As it turns out, he's now in jail accused of "attempt to commit terrorism, banditry and sabotage."

His wife, Heather Bennett, via Living Zimbabwe:

“If Morgan
Tsvangirai has no power to protect his top leadership, the rest of the
country is in big trouble because nothing is going to change.”

they get away with this Morgan Tsvangirai may as well not even be there
because they will walk all over him. And unless he shows the leadership
now it is going to be a waste of time having an inclusive government

(Photo via Living Zimbabwe.)

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