Out in the Cold

outinthecoldcoverrightsideBill Murray’s brand new third book is Out in the Cold, an exploration of the fragile – and freezing – Atlantic northlands. In Out in the Cold, you’ll chase a total solar eclipse, just 800 miles from the North Pole. You’ll stand naked and freezing on Iceland’s largest glacier and you’ll shake hands with that country’s president (separately from the naked thing). You’ll visit an Inuit carver’s house in east Greenland whose prized possession is the brand new gift of a polar bear humerus and on the other side of the island, stay at the camp of a crazed Italian with dreams of ice golf. You will stand on the site of the first settlement in North America that came 500 years before Columbus, and explore the last remaining bit of France in North America. Along the way Bill is guided by a deeply knowledgable cast of experts and journalists. Through vivid anecdotes, absorbing stories from history and a remarkable depth of reportage, Out in the Cold delivers one rollicking read. Publication is imminent.

For now, here are some excerpts from the blog:

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon: France in North America
Svalbard by Snowmobile
Naked and Freezing in Iceland