St Helena Airport Opening Postponed – Again


The site of the long-sought, still unrealized airport.

So close!

This has got to be frustrating for all concerned. Intrepid little Atlantic Star airlines has been sending out emails for months with news of one problem after another involved in getting the air link to St. Helena Island up and running. At the time of our visit to St. Helena aboard the RMS St. Helena in December 2009/January 2010 they were already working and planning for this new airport and still today the Royal Mail Ship is the only regular transportation to the island, around 1200 miles west of Angola.

Hang in there, Saints.

(Here are some photos of St. Helena Island, one of the more remote corners of the world.)


Thundering into Paro…

… in the land of the Thunder Dragon. Enjoy this video of landing at Bhutan’s international airport.

Impromptu Eclipse Tour in the Sky

Here is the path of an EasyJet flight from Belfast to Keflavik on 20 March, 2015, the day of a total solar eclipse across the Arctic. At the right moment, the pilot turned circles in the sky so that passengers on both sides of the plane could witness totality. Then they all headed on their way. Dee-lightful.



Here are some photos (1, 2, 3) and a short video of that day as we lived it in Svalbard. And here is a photo of how the eclipse itself looked from the tundra. Click to enlarge:



No Lancome, No Bulgari, No Perfume at All, Thanks

You know the “Duty Free” moment on international flights, when you have to make eye contact with the flight attendants and shake your head as they come down the aisle with that cart full of stuff nobody much (other than the Bhutanese Royal family) seems to buy? You’d rather not be bothered and they’d rather hang out in the galley and read a magazine.

So, is pushing those clanky carts around the airplane worth it? Delta Air Lines thought not. It pulled its duty free service last summer.

But this video explains how Korean Air guarantees revenue from its A380 Sky Shop duty free service on every flight by, among other things, selling video and still advertising to advertisers:

No Comment

From Yonhap:

The government will review the legitimacy of disciplinary action by the daughter of the Korean Air chairman who forced a flight crew member to deplane, delaying other passengers from departing, an official said Monday.

Cho Hyun-ah, vice president of the national carrier and the eldest daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, ordered a senior flight attendant on a plane heading to Incheon International Airport from New York on Friday to deplane for failing to follow in-flight service procedures, according to the company. Korean Air officials said the attendant had not asked Cho whether she would like a pack of nuts and did not provide the snack on a plate, as required by the service manual.”

Windowless Airplane

Really intriguing. According to the Times of India, the British Centre for Process Innovation Limited

“will soon test a windowless plane that allows passengers to see what’s going on outside. The windows would be replaced by full-length screens allowing constant views of the sky and space outside. Passengers would be able to switch the view on and off according to their preference, identify prominent sights by tapping the screen or just surf the internet.”

Here’s a screen grab from CPI’s website:


Watch the short promotional video:

Princess Juliana Airport, St. Martin


The big 747 from Amsterdam wasn’t due during our couple of hours at the Princess Juliana airport on St. Martin. This was the biggest plane that showed up. Insel is a Dutch Caribbean airline. This flight was coming from Curacao.

Future Long Haul Travel Woes?

From today’s Moscow Times:

Russia May Ban EU Airlines’ Routes Over Siberia in Response to Sanctions

“… a ban could cost carriers including Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) over three months. Restrictions would lead to longer flights, higher fuel use and other additional costs.”

And higher prices for passengers.

Lunch, Japan Air Lines



These seats, coming to an airline near you, look like a real dream come true.

Via Runway Girl Network.