Good Morning

Worth getting up early for. Cheetah at sunrise, Mara North Conservancy, Kenya.

Cheetah at Sunrise


Mara North Conservancy, Kenya. Click the photo to enjoy it a lot more.

A Few Photos from Amboseli

Just a very small selection of low-res photos here from a couple of days in the Amboseli park, Kenya, near Mt. Kilimanjaro. First, some baby baboons and then a cute little baby cheetah and its mother. We spent an hour or so with these two cheetahs and two baby siblings yesterday morning. It was the first time Jonathan, our guide/driver, had seen any of the babies up in the tree.

The Amboseli elephants are famous and for us, relatively abundant. If I got this right, it’s against park rules to get out of the vehicle in the park proper, but we spent some time at dusk the other night with this group of elephants in a conservancy adjacent to the park, where we were able to get out and get this low angle photo.

Then finally is a nine month old male lion we named Porter. Last night, which was our last night at Amboseli this trip, we spent sunset with two female adults, Porter here and a sibling. Kilimanjaro came out of the clouds just at sunset, but that photo is for later.

Cheers to Andrea and Manuela at Tortilis camp, who were terrific hosts.

Onward now, with more photos to come as internet availability allows.