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You wouldn’t want to get through the day without knowing that in honor of Burns Night tonight, a bag of haggis has been floated twenty miles into the air. Would you?

If You’re Really, Really Not Busy Today…

… you can watch people make pizza live in Pizza Mizza Novi Haj, a Pizzeria In Petržalka, across the Danube from Bratislava, Slovakia.

More Silly Menus

It’s so easy to poke gentle fun at menu translations it’s almost unfair, but it’s meant with good humor. So this, as we leave Asia:

I suggest skepticism of the approximate beef roll.

I know, you’re torn between the porcupine and the weasel. Same here.

Is chicken iap erosion due to climate change?

The deer may be fine but that damned vain hot pot, always going on about how great it is….

Let’s Get Down to Breakfast

Love this part of the world. Welcome to Saigon.

Quotes: In Turkey, Food Police Are A Thing

Municipal elections are coming up in Turkey. Don’t fret, the police are on your side and they’re here to help:

Police officers walk the beat in grocery stores to monitor prices. Inspectors have seized tons of onions from warehouses, fining the owners for hoarding, even though storing the bulbs is common practice to prevent rot.

From Grocery Stores Are at the Front Line of Turkey’s Latest Political Battle.

World Breakfast, Sikkim Edition

My post earlier in the week about the helpful Sikkim government sent me back to review what I wrote at the time. Here is a list of articles about the Indian state. Enjoy them over breakfast, Sikkim style:

The breakfast buffet as served at the Mayfair Hotel Gangtok, the Sikkimese capital: Coriander vada, chicken roll, pineapple, onion uttapom, aloo matar ki subzi, club kachori, dhosa (a south Indian pancake), idli (rice ball), various chutneys and onion and chilli accompaniments, fresh squeezed pineapple juice, mineral water and coffee.


Sriracha takes its name from Si Racha, a coastal town in Thailand, but you won’t find many green-topped sriracha bottles lining Thai restaurants. Tran created his version of sriracha to be used as a dipping sauce for pho, but it won’t be found at any pho restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, either. Sriracha, or at least what we popularly know as sriracha, is quintessentially American, in birthplace and in spirit.

Sri Racha ain’t so sri. The whole article here.

For Research Purposes Only

The clearly not good for you Canadian dish called poutine is French fries in gravy with cheese curds. This particular plate, from a pub in St. John’s, Newfoundland, was strictly in pursuit of research for Out in the Cold, my new book.

Lunch, Japan Air Lines


Now with Fresh Aborigines!

Here's a page from a menu in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru, seen in December. Consider the Lasana Vegeteriana. There's a closer view below:



Yum. Maybe they meant aubergines?