Ethiopia Photos

I’ve been reading about the two year old Chinese-built Addis-Djibouti train line lately. It’s a train journey we’d hoped to make this past spring before the virus intervened, and I’m hopeful we can come back and fill in that trip later. 

Although northern Ethiopia is going through a terrible period just now, it’s such a photogenic country, I really recommend it to anyone with a camera and a sense of adventure. Warm people, good food, exotic everywhere you look, what’s not to like?

Here’s Addis Ababa a few years ago. More Addis photos in the Ethiopia Gallery at

Weekend Reading

In the mid-nineteenth century, Walter Bagehot wrote that to preserve the monarchy, “We must not let in daylight upon magic.” If you try to see much other than the royal wedding this weekend on BBC World, you’ll be convinced (resigned?) that the Brits do “the magic” maddeningly well.

So, read, I say, and here are a few worthy articles:

Living in a Cycle of Fear and Danger (in Kabul) by Ali M Latifi in Roads and Kingdoms
The Jaguar Is Made for the Age of Humans by Nadia Drake at The Atlantic
What Can Chimpanzee Calls Tell Us About the Origins of Human Language? by Michael Wilson at
Neoliberalism is a real economic model – here’s how the left can overturn it by Paul Mason at New Statesman
How Democracy Dies by John Gray at New Statesman
Americans are Being Held Hostage and Terrorized by the Fringes by Tim Alberta at Politico

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m working through The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder and that I think he’s pretty brilliant. Sophie Pinkham doesn’t think so. She has written Zombie History – Timothy Snyder’s bleak vision of the past and present in The Nation.

One last note about a column last week: I think The Fall of the German Empire by Ross Douthat in Wednesday’s New York Times is thoughtful. He calls Germany’s economic dominance of Europe the “third German empire,” writing,

“…if the test of Europe’s unity feels like a test for liberal democracy, it’s a mistake to see it only in those terms. It is also a struggle of nations against empire, of the Continent’s smaller countries against German mastery and Northern European interests, in which populist parties are being elected to resist policies the center sought to impose upon the periphery without a vote. And the liberal aspect of the European system wouldn’t be under such strain if the imperial aspect hadn’t been exploited unwisely by leaders in the empire’s German core.”

And finally, if HDR photography entertains you, like these two photos from the Mercado in Addis Ababa, you’ll find 579 more in the HDR Gallery at

Cheers for now.

The Northern Tip of Newfoundland

We leave you for the weekend at a geographical extremity. This is the Cape Bauld lighthouse on Quirpon Island, about a six kilometer long island off the northern tip if Newfoundland. The view is to the north, across the Belle Isle Strait, and straight across is the southern shore of Labrador, just beyond the iceberg there on the left. Click it to enlarge it.


Enjoy your weekend.

St. Pierre Harbor HDR


I’ll be posting a new photo most days for the next month or so from our June trip to maritime Canada, the French overseas territory of St. Pierre et Miquelon, Iceland and England. We start with the tiny harbor on tiny St. Pierre island, just off the southern tip of Newfoundland.

Ten Friday Photos from Sydney, Australia

Sydney ranks on pretty much everybody’s Top Five Cities list and you can see why in this quick little photo tour.


Above Sydney from the Sydney Tower Eye.


Luna Park in North Sydney at dusk. That’s the Harbour Bridge in the foreground.


Here is sunset from Watson’s Bay, just outside town. There’s an old hotel there that has now labeled itself “boutique.” It’s not very big and it gets loud at night on weekends, but you can’t beat the fine view from the back terrace.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Chess match in Hyde Park.


Another detail of Sydney from the Sydney Tower Eye.


Sydney from the suburb of Taronga.


The view back to town from Watson’s Bay.


Sunrise hits the cliffs at Watson’s Bay.


Detail of … you know.

Click these to enlarge them. There are many more photos from all across Australia in the Australia Gallery at And a good weekend to you!