New Ancient Continent

If you’re geographically inclined you’ll enjoy this eight page pdf claiming to have discovered a new continent, titled Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent from the Geological Society of America, from which this map comes:


Interesting in its own right, but also it’s not often you get to read about Kerguelen.

Oh Good, Another Post about Kergeulen


Out there where they think that Malaysian jet crashed is pretty remote, and all the maps show the spot in reference to Perth, on the west coast of Australia. They’re searching generally around the oval. So what else is around?

Not much. Diego Garcia, secret, military laden, fuggedaboutit.

What’s left is Kergeulen, aka the Desolation Islands, arrow. It’s all too seldom that you get the chance to recommend The Arch of Kerguelen, the only book I know about Kerguelen, but I can’t let the chance pass me by. Don’t imagine Jean-Paul Kauffman, the author, had a real rollicking time there, though.

“At first the wind blew from the north in gusts with a deep, mournful roar as if a huge pack of mad beasts were charging.”

“The wind shakes the cabin and pushes in the corrugated iron that suddenly loses its tension, producing a resounding gong. There’s no hope of going outside.”