Friday Photo #16 from Lapland

This is timely here on our farm in Georgia USA, because this morning we’re starting out at about the same temperature (-16C/3F) it was when I took this photo around midnight one night in December 2011, inside the Arctic Circle in Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland.


Click the photo to enlarge. See 237 more photos from all over Finland in the Finland Gallery at And here are all the Friday Photos.

We’re deep into preparation for another trip into the Arctic next month. We’ll be in Svalbard hoping to see the 20 March total solar eclipse. Weather permitting, I’ll have eclipse photos and many more aurora photos here on CS&W then.


Finland in Twelve Photos

About this time most years, we’re busy at the lake with a rowboat and a sauna at our cabin in Finland. We’re not there this summer and I miss it! So let’s take a photo tour. Click ’em to make ’em bigger:


Here’s our little cabin.


Sauna2.jogJust down the path, the sauna and rowboat.



The sauna from the lake. It’s kind of hidden.


DucksFinlandOur duck family changes every year.



And in the summer, after a rain when the light’s just right, rainbows!



The winter puts on its own show. Here, way up north in Saariselkä, in Lapland, is the revoltulet (literally, “fox fire”), the northern lights.

Read on for more photos from Finland, and there are over 200 more in the Finland Gallery at

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