Wednesday HDR – In the Middle of the Night


An uncommon domestic photo – at least here on CS&W – from back in March, en route to Hanava. You have to stay up pretty late to see South Beach in Miami this deserted. Or have a hotel room with this view. Which was really, really loud until it got late.

On the other hand, I can heartily recommend Jerry's pastrami. Click the photo to make it bigger.

Multiple exposures with a Nikon D700, finished in Photoshop with Nik filters. The photos from Cuba are here.

Churches – Wednesday HDRs

It's gotten to be a little project lately. Anytime we're visiting somewhere new I try to pop into a local church and get enough shots to put together an HDR photo. Since churches aren't places to be big and brash and American, coming in, taking over and spreading out with a tripod, these usually have to be hand held brackets and some are more successful than others. They all seem to require substantial processing.

Here are some from a few of our last trips. Click them all to make them bigger. They're from Havana, Cuba, St. Helena Island, Panama City, Panama and Riga, Latvia.


See them all, along with 380 other HDRs in the HDR Gallery at And if any of them catches your fancy you can see more photos in the Cuba, St. Helena, Panama and Latvia galleries. All these were shot with Nikon cameras, processed in Photomatix with various Nik plug-ins and finished in Photoshop.