Real Time Vexillology Doesn’t Happen Every Day









Vexillology is “the scientific and scholarly study of flag history and symbolism.”

A web site called Ukrainian Policy says, “most will likely see the [Novorossiyan] flag (right) for what it most ostensibly is: a near recreation of the American Confederate battle flag (left), a symbol which remains highly controversial in the United States and often associated with racism.


Whatever it is, you don’t get new flags everyday so cheers to vexillologists and may you enjoy your eastern Ukrainian field day.

Plausible Map of New New Russia



This map was proposed by a group in Novosibirsk (along with a “march for federalization of Siberia” planned for August 17th there) in an article in Slon which has since been censored and taken down. Russia seized the Crimea to impose “self-determination” and fights for “Novorossiya” in the Donbass. Just don’t try the self-determination thing at home.