Wednesday HDR: Time to Go Shopping



This week, here are a couple of HDR shots I like a lot, both from the busy, busy morning market in Hoi An, Vietnam. The very photogenic fish market, just outside this produce market, is enough to entice a photographer out of bed before the sun comes up. Then you walk inside, and there's another whole world of things to shoot. 

Each photo combines three exposures from a single RAW shot, which were then tonemapped in Photomatix. Then in Photoshop, the backgrounds were desaturated just a little bit and given a little Gaussian blur, and in the bottom photo, the bright sun in the top left rear needed some toning down. We put a little lighting effect around each of the two women. Click each photo for a much larger version. And see nearly 400 photos in the Vietnam Gallery, and 200+ HDRs in the HDR Gallery at