Friday Photo #22, Havana

With news this week that the U.S. has approved ferry routes to Cuba, Havana won’t be like it is now, very much longer. Americans who want to experience Havana the way it has been during the embargo should act soon. Whatever you do, get down there before the Invasion of the American Franchises. Please don’t wait until Havana has its own Bed Bath and Beyond. That would pretty much be missing the point.


Here is just a random, kind of unkempt Havana balcony across the street from the big capitol building. Click it to enlarge it and enjoy the detail. See more photos from our March 2012 visit to Havana in the Cuba Gallery at And see all the Friday Photos.

Friday Photo #13, Kyiv

Most all of us grew up with the Russian spelling, “Kiev,” but in solidarity with a Ukraine under fire, let us recognize that “Kyiv” is how it’s spelled in Ukrainian, and use that spelling. Here we have a service at St. Michael’s Cathedral, on a hill above the Maidan, in March, 2013. In Photoshop, I’ve tried to make it look like an old oil painting. Click it to enlarge.


There are more photos from Kyiv and Odessa in the Ukraine Gallery at, and here are the rest of the Friday Photos. A good weekend to you!