Photo Safari North

In his work as a landscape and advertising photographer based in Hamburg, Jan Erik Waider tells me he spends up to half of each year on the road, much of it in the Nordic countries. We all benefit from his time investment.

Click through and enjoy Jan Erik’s portfolio. I think it’s beautiful.

This Is for Non-Australians

Following a Norwegian programming idea, the SBS network in Australia recently aired a three-hour program mostly shot out the window on a train, the Ghan, which makes a regular three-day journey between Darwin and Adelaide. Response was sufficient for SBS to schedule a longer, seventeen-hour version of the same.

On the off chance that you are not reading this in Australia, and thus are unable to watch the TV version, here are some photos from the Ghan. And here is a link to my trip report at the time, posted just after we’d finished the 51 hour and ten minute journey.

Our journey began in Darwin, southbound.

The Ghan

Morning coffee in the lounge

Outside Darwin it looks like this.

First excursion stop, the Katherine Gorge

Way out in the middle of the outback

Wise guy at Lice Springs.

Somewhere out there, this happens.

And eventually as Adelaide draws closer, the countryside turns green.

Click ’em to enlarge them, and see photos from across Australia in the Australia Gallery at

Impenitrable Means Impenitrable

There is a nice article at today called Mountain Gorillas at Home. My gorilla photography pales before it so I will spare you of anything more than a link, below, but the area around the gorillas is interesting in its own right. Here are a couple of shots of where the Uganda gorillas live (there are also gorillas in Rwanda and Congo). This is a place called the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Strictly speaking, it’s not quite impenetrable. There is this road through it:

Adjoining the forest are heavily farmed, terraced fields. The hills are really steep, as you can see here:

We visited the gorillas in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, farther down the road (See the Mountain Gorillas Gallery at Here are a few things I wrote at the time, when CS&W was on Typepad. I guess they ought to still work: 12345678.

And while we’re here, apropos to nothing except that I just ran across this photo, and it’s also from Uganda, here is the only galloping hippo I have ever seen:

Click ’em all to enlarge them. And have a look at more in the Uganda Gallery and the Rwanda Gallery at

Markets – Other than Christmas

At this time of shopping frenzy across America, it does the heart good to remember that people aren’t shopping for useless things everywhere in the world. From my other website,, here is a selection of photos showing how they do it elsewhere in the world. Click ’em to enlarge.

Cho Cu ‘Old’ Market, Saigon, Vietnam.


Tailor shop, Likoma Island, Malawi.


Fishmonger, Howth, Ireland.


The Grand Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt.


Vendor at the morning produce market, Hoi An, Vietnam.


This lady sells and repairs utensils at a market south of Quito, Ecuador.


The Mercado open air market, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – HDR.


Croquetas, Old Havana, Cuba.


Detail of lamp shop, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


Cold drink shop, Rangoon, Burma.


Lal Market Road, Gangtok, Sikkim, India.


This lady is selling yak cheese on Barkhor Street around Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet.


Floating Market, Thailand.


Gun shop underground in Galata, Istanbul.


Parilla, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Herb trader, village in Atlas mountains, Morocco.


Painter from Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia, and his work, in Kazbegi town, Republic of Georgia.


Strawberry girl, Saturday market, Savonlinna, Finland.


God’s Glory Salon and shopping area, Kampala, Uganda.


The Supermarket on Lenin Street, on the central square, inside the 30-kilometer Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Pripyat, Ukraine.


If you’d fancy any of these for yourself, you can buy them, and any of around 20,000 other photos, in a range of sizes and shapes, mounted or not, printed on gift boxes and shirts and more, at Click any photo to see it larger at See the entire EarthPhotos Markets Gallery here. Continue reading for twenty more photos.
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