100+ Year Old Color Photos from Georgia

Here is a link to a collection of color photos from (I believe) 1912, taken in the Republic of Georgia. It seems that a photographer named Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky “perfected a complex early method of color photography that required three separate images of each scene to be shot, with color filters placed over the lens. When the three black-and-white photos were sandwiched together and had red, green, and blue light shone through them, a color image could be projected.”

They’re from an article at the RFERL.org website. Here’s one of the photos:

See also a few more up-to-date photos in the Georgia Gallery at EarthPhotos.com, taken on my visit in 2006.

Photo Tour of the Republic of Georgia

Georgia, the country, is just physically gorgeous. Enjoy this drone photo tour at theatlantic.com.

More photos here at EarthPhotos.com, including this one, of the 14th century Trinity Church (Tsminda Sameba) and Mt. Kazbek, in the clouds.