Funny, expressive or just strange. Signs from around the world. It’s a perennial here at CS&W, and it’s a good excuse to publish the photo at the bottom one more time. Click to enlarge them, and there is a collection of many more signs at

Pretty much tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?
Somewhere out in the Burmese countryside.


The room where you hang up your underwear?
From the Hotel Føroyar, Torshavn, Faroe Islands.


Believe I’d turn right.
Nizwa, Oman.


Who is this clown?
Baku, Azerbaijan.


Sanya, Hainan Island, China.


Bullet holes in a wall.
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


On the wall at a bar in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.


All the important places.


At a flea market outside Moscow, Russia.


The National History Museum,Tirana, Albania.


Of course not. Why go in there?
Ishasha Wilderness, Uganda.


I’ll bet.
Hanoi, Vietnam.


And the big finish, the greatest shop of all time.
Near Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Markets – Other than Christmas

At this time of shopping frenzy across America, it does the heart good to remember that people aren’t shopping for useless things everywhere in the world. From my other website,, here is a selection of photos showing how they do it elsewhere in the world. Click ’em to enlarge.

Cho Cu ‘Old’ Market, Saigon, Vietnam.


Tailor shop, Likoma Island, Malawi.


Fishmonger, Howth, Ireland.


The Grand Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt.


Vendor at the morning produce market, Hoi An, Vietnam.


This lady sells and repairs utensils at a market south of Quito, Ecuador.


The Mercado open air market, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – HDR.


Croquetas, Old Havana, Cuba.


Detail of lamp shop, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


Cold drink shop, Rangoon, Burma.


Lal Market Road, Gangtok, Sikkim, India.


This lady is selling yak cheese on Barkhor Street around Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet.


Floating Market, Thailand.


Gun shop underground in Galata, Istanbul.


Parilla, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Herb trader, village in Atlas mountains, Morocco.


Painter from Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Russia, and his work, in Kazbegi town, Republic of Georgia.


Strawberry girl, Saturday market, Savonlinna, Finland.


God’s Glory Salon and shopping area, Kampala, Uganda.


The Supermarket on Lenin Street, on the central square, inside the 30-kilometer Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Pripyat, Ukraine.


If you’d fancy any of these for yourself, you can buy them, and any of around 20,000 other photos, in a range of sizes and shapes, mounted or not, printed on gift boxes and shirts and more, at Click any photo to see it larger at See the entire EarthPhotos Markets Gallery here. Continue reading for twenty more photos.
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Istanbul in Nine Admiring Photos

I say Istanbul is one of the world’s five greatest cities (In no particular order, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney, San Fransisco). Yours?

With Turkey in a rough patch since the Gezi Park protests sixteen months ago, and now with its incipient and possibly defining grappling with the Kurdish question, and fearing its reluctant coming battles with ISIS, maybe it’s time for a few fan photos of Istanbul in the good old days.

Click them to make them bigger. And there are hundreds of photos from Turkey here, in the Turkey Gallery at


Here is the fabled Golden Horn, with the Galata Tower across the way. The Bosphorus is out of the frame on the right, the Sea of Marmara behind the photo and the Black Sea at the end of the Bosphorus at two o’clock from here.



Outside the Grand Bazaar. Through that gate and down in the bazaar, march in and get yourself thoroughly lost. Wander for half a day. I once asked around for the Afghan section and came away with three fine pakols, tailored to my head size, from a milliner from Kandahar.



Again, the Galata Tower in the center back. Ferries like these ply the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus over to Asia, carrying commuters to work at dawn.



The fabled Haydarpasha Train Station in Kadaköy, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. On arrival from London via the Orient Express, from here well heeled tourists could travel on to Ankara, then Kars, then Baghdad and Teheran.



Day labor at the break of dawn. Happening every day in the Grand Bazaar.



The Blue Mosque.



This is seven photos stitched into a 180 degree panorama. Each photo consists in turn of seven exposures combined into an HDR image. We are looking west into the Golden Horn at dawn, the Bosphorus Strait at our backs. See each end of the Galata Bridge on the far left and right.



Here is the Ortakoy Mosque in a trendy part of town some way up the Bosphorus on the European shore, the bridge behind leading to Asia, on the far side.



And Taksim Square, foreground. Gezi Park, a green space and the focus of the protests a couple of years ago, is just below and behind this vantage point. From here you can see past the Golden Horn and out into the Sea of Marmara. From this vantage point the Bosphorus, to the east, is just off to the left.

Time to Lighten Up a Little

It’s important to talk about wars and rumors of wars, but CS&W was originally about travel, travel writing and photography. So today, back to that.

Wherever we go we collect photos of fun, strange, unusual, bewildering, sometimes incomprehensible signs. Here are a few for your amusement, and there are over 450 in the Signs Gallery at Go ahead, have some fun.

Click ’em to make them bigger.


 The venerable Miss Puke, Siam Square, Bangkok. She’s been there for years. Last confirmed last Christmas.



 Of course not. Seen in Hanoi.



 Whatever it says, it means it. Illimanaq, Greenland.



 Ad man at work, downtown Rangoon, Burma.



 Something lost in translation. At a shopping center on Hainan Island, China.



Making a living in Fort Portal, Uganda.



 Might want to click through on this one to make it bigger so you can read it. This restaurant in Lima, Peru offers real, fresh aborigines!


Click on through for a dozen more.

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Churches – Wednesday HDRs

It's gotten to be a little project lately. Anytime we're visiting somewhere new I try to pop into a local church and get enough shots to put together an HDR photo. Since churches aren't places to be big and brash and American, coming in, taking over and spreading out with a tripod, these usually have to be hand held brackets and some are more successful than others. They all seem to require substantial processing.

Here are some from a few of our last trips. Click them all to make them bigger. They're from Havana, Cuba, St. Helena Island, Panama City, Panama and Riga, Latvia.


See them all, along with 380 other HDRs in the HDR Gallery at And if any of them catches your fancy you can see more photos in the Cuba, St. Helena, Panama and Latvia galleries. All these were shot with Nikon cameras, processed in Photomatix with various Nik plug-ins and finished in Photoshop.


Road Trip Starts Next Week. First Stop: Switzerland


It’s almost time to leave the farm and head back out on the road. We’ll be underway at the end of next week. First stop, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, where we’ll arrive on Boxing Day. During the weeks that follow we’ll cover some 13,000 miles, from the Alps to southern Africa, back up the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean via Royal Mail Ship, and on to the U.K. aboard an RAF jet.

Come with us as we write about it here on Common Sense and Whiskey, and see photos as we go, as we visit Switzerland, Italy, Namibia, and St. Helena and Ascension islands. We’ll post them (bookmark here) on our photo site,, starting around the end of next week.

(photo from the Switzerland Gallery at

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