More Scotland Snow

Further to yesterday’s post, Good Morning Scotland, here’s more Scotland in snow, from Ailish Sinclair’s lovely blog.

Good Morning Scotland

Scotland woke to a lovely morning today, 14 January, 2021. Here, the Campsie Fells, central Scotland, photo by Melanie Scott via The Scotsman.

Storms Brewing for Northern Europe

Reykjavík Streets Empty during Storm, says Iceland Monitor, and with good reason. It’s one of the strongest storms ever in the North Atlantic.

Hottest Temperature Ever in Antarctica

18.3°C = 64.94°F

Australia Bakes

Screen grab from a story headlined Like a Furnace from

“Highs of over 50C are expected, with meteorologists warning the heat could break the country’s existing record of 50.7C measured at Oodnadatta, South Australia, in 1960.”

50C is 122F. Below, stock photos from Broome, Sydney and Darwin.

Odd Day in Doha

Noteable: looks like rainfall exceeded the yearly average in six hours yesterday:

“According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the suburb of Abu Hamor in the capital Doha, recorded 84mm of rain in less than 6 hours, making it the nation’s wettest October day on record.

The October average rainfall is just 1.1mm and the downpour easily exceeded Qatar’s average annual of 77mm.”

Monsoon India in Pictures

The flooding in Kerala looks just terrible, doesn’t it? One official declared it the worst in nearly a century. It makes this photo essay in Nowhere Magazine from the monsoon in Delhi look almost quaint.

A Different Weather Radar Perspective

Click it to have a look. Via Jan Lenaerts, @lenaertsjan

Teheran in the Snow

Lots more here. Via @borzou

Flying and That Bomb Cyclone

Fans of the business of flying should take a look at Jason Rabinowitz’s Twitter feed. His coverage of how the storm affected east coast flight operations is fascinating. He’s @AirlineFlyer. Also, see the article Why Did New York’s JFK Airport Struggle to Cope With Its Flight Backlog After the Bomb Cyclone? from The Points Guy.