Weekend Reading

Here are a few thoughtful articles for your consideration this weekend, along with this lovely landscape from Watson’s Bay, in New South Wales. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Now, on to the smart stuff:

Making the Subarctic Bloom by Cody Punter at The Walrus.
Generation Putin by Natalia Zorkaya at Eurozine.com
The Search for Intelligent Life by Justin E. H. Smith at Berfrois
The Norwegian who knew his tortoises so well that he changed the course of history at nypesuppe.blogspot.com
The Time of Our Lives by Raymond Tallis at thenewatlantis.com

Weekend Reading

Relax with some interesting reading this weekend:

Life Under the Volcano by John Dennehy at Roads and Kingdoms
Long Way Home by Ryan Bradley at vqronline.org
On Time by Richard Dawkins at penguin.co.uk
How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned at popularmechanics.com
Dividing Droplets Could Explain Life’s Origin by Natalie Wolchover at quantamagazine.com
Gentrification, Post-Soviet Style by Jeffrey Tayler at TheAtlantic.com

Weekend Reading

A few titles for your weekend perusal:

Dark Tourism in Kazakhstan’s Gulag Heartland by Peter Ford at thediplomat.com
Malta Leaks: Playing the Shell Game in the Mediterranean at Spiegel Online
Moldova Between Russia and the West: A Delicate Balance by Eugene Rumer at carnegieendowment.org
The energy expansions of evolution by Olivia P. Judson at nature.com
The Thoughts of a Spiderweb by Joshua Sokol in Quanta Magazine
How to Be a Stoic by Skye Cleary in 3ammagazine

Weekend Reading

Five engaging reads to load up and take along on a picnic:

Albania’s Bunker Problem by Dave Hazzan at Roads and Kingdoms
Border Crossing to Cymru by Chris Morgan at nowheremag.com
Brexit and the Globalization Trilemma by Dani Rodrik at rodrick.typepad.com
Is the Gig Economy Working? by Nathan Heller in The New Yorker
The Annexation of Crimea isn’t Going as Planned by Lily Hyde in Foreign Policy

Weekend Reading

Six intelligent articles for your day off:

Special Experience by Kea Krause in Lapham’s Quarterly
Guilty Men by Claire Berlinski in The American Interest
Surface Noise by Damon Krukowski in Paris Review
The Counter-Enlightenment and the Great Powers – Out of Order by Andrew Small at medium.com
The American Government’s Secret Plan for Surviving the End of the World by Emily Tamkin in Foreign Policy
Triumph of the Thought Leader and the Eclipse of the Public Intellectual by Daniel W. Drezner in the Chronicle of Higher Education. This is way more interesting than it sounds.

Weekend Reading

Load these on your device of choice and enjoy them down by the creek this weekend:

The Geographical Pivot of History by H.J. Mackinder (free download), seminal, much quoted work of geopolitical analysis.
Crimetown USA, the city that fell in love with the mob by David Grann in the New Republic.
The Most Expensive Weapon Ever Built by Daniel Soar in the London Review of Books
The Sense of an Ending by Michelle Legro at Longreads.com
A Wounded Metropolis: London in the Age of Terror and Brexit by Christoph Scheuermann at Spiegel Online

Weekend Reading

Join me in exploring these articles over the weekend, which for a lucky few is three days long. I’ve bumped them over to Instapaper but haven’t finished them all myself. Let’s see where they lead.

Thanks for your participation in yesterday’s photo quiz, and if you haven’t ventured a guess yet, you have until next Thursday to do so. I’ll draw from the correct answers then and send the winner a copy of the audiobook version of Common Sense and Whiskey. We’ll do this Fridays for the rest of the summer.

Meanwhile, this is a momentous weekend for the Turks, who go to the polls on Sunday to decide on granting more power to President Reçep Tayyip Erdogan. Opinion leaders can’t decide among themselves which way to lead; either the Turkish President is a badass anti-democratic juggernaut, or a defeat could put him in peril:

Win or Lose on Referendum, Turkey’s Erdoğan Spells Trouble
How Erdogan’s Referendum Gamble Might Backfire

But enough of that for now. On to some articles for your weekend perusal:

Icebergs by George Philip LeBourdais at thepointmag.com
Operation London Bridge: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death by Sam Knight in The Guardian
A Town Under Trial by Nick Tabor in the Oxford American
Why some infinities are bigger than others by A W Moore in Aron Magazine
The Case For Butterfish by Neal Ascherson at Granta.com