More Moai – Wednesday HDRs from Easter Island

The internet connection at the Altiplanico Hotel on Easter Island was a little wi-fi transmitter that worked best if you sat at the table directly beneath it and had all day. Nobody had all day, but now that we've been back for a couple of weeks I've had enough time to put several photos through a proper post-production process in Photomatix, for HDR processing, and Photoshop, so I'll post two or three a week here each of the next few Wednesdays.

This week, three of everybody's favorites, the moai. Click these to link to nice, big, full-resolution versions:




Top: The fifteen moai at Ahu Tongariki. We had the good fortune to be on the island on the night of a full moon. Center: Sunset at Ahu Vai Uri near the island's only town, Hanga Roa. Bottom: Back at Ahu Tongariki. Easter Island is so remote that no matter where you are or when you're there, you share the view with a handful of people at most.

Find a new photo or two a day at the Easter Island Gallery at

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