A Day in the Life of the North Atlantic Sky

Via NATS, an air traffic controller in the U.K.

Impromptu Eclipse Tour in the Sky

Here is the path of an EasyJet flight from Belfast to Keflavik on 20 March, 2015, the day of a total solar eclipse across the Arctic. At the right moment, the pilot turned circles in the sky so that passengers on both sides of the plane could witness totality. Then they all headed on their way. Dee-lightful.



Here are some photos (1, 2, 3) and a short video of that day as we lived it in Svalbard. And here is a photo of how the eclipse itself looked from the tundra. Click to enlarge:



Princess Juliana Airport, St. Martin


The big 747 from Amsterdam wasn’t due during our couple of hours at the Princess Juliana airport on St. Martin. This was the biggest plane that showed up. Insel is a Dutch Caribbean airline. This flight was coming from Curacao.